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InfinitiKloud Reviews: InfinitiKloud is one of the best handy USB sticks that allow the users to store or backup their entire important and personal files for future use. It is also possible to store images on this device for preventing data loss. Similar to other cloud storage providers, it is not required to worry about your data security. Based on the InfinitiKloud Reviews from the manufacturer, your files will be 100% secure within this device.

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Simultaneously, it will ensure that the stored data or files will not lose even accidentally. The InfinitiKloud USB stick is a combination of both conventional cloud and a classic USB stick. You can store your confidential files, images, and videos to your USB stick that will automatically upload the same to the provider’s cloud storage.

Importance of InfinitiKloud USB Device

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In case if you are utilizing a standard USB device to store your confidential or private data then there won’t be any guarantee to secure your private data from virus or malware exposure. If your device has viruses and bugs and injecting the USB drive will also have a huge chance of getting the infected virus to your USB device as well. If so, the private data on your USB device may be lost and also face various risks. It is also not advisable to store the data using a USB stick that automatically backup the files to its conventional cloud system for data protection.

Most of the Cloud storage providers will store your private data that can be easily exposed to other users, who utilize the same cloud server. The Conventional Cloud Storage providers will provide only a limited free storage space to store your files or data. Many providers will not even provide a guarantee for safeguarding or protecting your stored data. In case, if you prefer to utilize some extra space for storage then you need to subscribe for a monthly or annual subscription to use.

InfinitiKloud USB drive will guarantee 100% security to store your confidential data from any other breaches. This unique storage device can be used to store the files on both USB sticks and as well as on the Cloud server. Without any data security risks, you can store important files, videos, and photos in the InfinitiKloud Cloud Server. They will store only the files that you prefer to save. You can easily access and manage the files or data on the cloud server. Moreover, your files will not be affected by viruses or malware.

InfinitiKloud USB Drive Features

Find below the list of features offered by the InfinitiKloud USB Stick:

  • Portability – The InfinitiKloud USB device is small in size when compared to other USB drives across the market and makes it more portable. It is much easier to attach to your shirt, trouser pocket, or even to your keychain. With a 2-inches size, it is capable of storing huge files. This portable device can be taken anywhere and may not feel a weight in your bag or pocket.
  • Memory – InfinitiKloud USB drive has 64GB memory or storage space to store numerous confidential data, files, or images that you require. If you prefer to present something then it is not required to carry an external hard drive and InfinitiKloud USB Stick will work for you with its huge storage and lightweight.
  • Less Power – When compared to other storage devices, our InfinitiKloud USB stick will consume only less power to use. This USB stick will never fail even if the system is running out of battery.
  • Transfer Speed Rate – The InfinitiKloud USB stick will offer high data transfer data at the rate of 4.4 GBPS (Gigabytes per second). It is extremely fast when compared to the SD memory drives which can offer only a speed of 312 MBPS (megabytes per second). Even saving the file in a hurry could be more possible by using the InfinitKloud device.
  • Entire Computers Supported – The InfinitKloud USB drivers are compatible and supported by entire computers such as laptops, notebooks, or desktops that include a USB port. In case if your computer is not included with the USB ports then make use of the USB port adapter to use the InfinitiKloud device.
  • Backup files using the personalized file extensions – The InfinitiKloud device will allow you to restore your backed-up files at any specific location. You can also browse & locate your backup files to delete unnecessary files. It displays each file with a detailed description and as well as its statistics. This USB stick will support various languages like Portuguese, German, French, English, and many more. The InfinitiKloud device is also compatible with numerous operating systems and as well as devices.

In case if you own an iPhone & Windows OS computer then this USB storage device could be an ideal option to supports both iOS and Windows OS. When compared with the other storage devices, our InfinitiKloud is compatible and supported by multiple devices. It is supported by Surface, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, MS, HP computers or laptops, and Mac Mini, iMac, Notebooks, and also Android Smartphones.

  • Easy Navigation – If you prefer to back up your data or files from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or other devices, it is a tedious process to follow and will take many hours to complete. In case if you are not aware of accessing the particular device or operating system then you need to seek assistance from an IT specialist to install the appropriate programs to access. However, the InfinitiKloud device setup or installation process is simple and complete within a few minutes.

The InfinitiKloud design will satisfy its uses to gain better experience to backup and restore the data. Just connect the USB device directly to your computer or device and complete the setup process. Within a few minutes, the process will be completed, and easier to utilize the device on your Smartphone or computer. You can also download the InfinitiKloud app by connecting the device to your mobile phone’s charging port and follow the simple process to install the app.

  • Much Easier to Use – It utilizes USB 3.0 technology for automatically locating the preferred files for restoration. Select the files or data you would prefer to back up through the InfinitiKloud device from other drives as well. With a high-speed, it can also transfer files from other devices.

InfinitiKloud USB Device Advantages

You can find numerous other brand & local USB drives available across the online marketplace. Most of us would like to know why to choose the InfinitiKloud USB drive to use. Find below the list of unique and best features offered by the InfinitiKloud device when compared with the other regular devices:

  • It offers a fast & smooth backup process and much faster transfer speed (100 MBPS) when compared to other devices.
  • You can save your time by using the pre-installed in-built backup software.
  • Within a few simple steps, you can set up the backup process easily & quickly.
  • 64GB huge storage space can be used to store confidential files, images, and videos.
  • Based on your requirements, you can choose your scheduled time for backing up the files or data.
  • The pre-installed program will automatically browse & locate your preferred files on your mobile or computer.
  • Make use of the preview feature to preview the backup files before starting the process.

How to use InfinitiKloud USB Stick

Find below the instructions on how to use your InfinitiKloud USB stick:

  • For your information, you can store up to a maximum of 64GB of data on this USB stick. It will work similarly to other storage drives. The flashy red case will include the USB stick; just plug the stick directly into your computer’s USB slot.
  • Choose the USB drive when it appears on your computer. You can follow the InfinitiKloud Reviews instructions to set up the drive for performing the automatic backup process.
  • You need to choose your preferred files for backup and also select an appropriate time to start the backup process. Based on your selection, it can backup your images and also other sensitive financial information as well.
  • Once it is done, you need to connect the USB drive directly to your computer’s USB slot during the scheduled backup time. It is also possible to change the scheduled time if you would like to modify it.
  • This USB stick will work for both Windows and Mac computers. The standard USB connection is required to use the USB drive. It also provides the USB C adapter to utilize on the newer computers. You can also utilize this adapter for USB C-type port mobile phones.
  • When compared with the other USB drives, the InfinitiKloud USB stick will offer the in-built backup software, which is not provided by any other USB drives.

InfinitiKloud Backup Device – Storage Options

InfinitiKloud devices are available in three different storage options as 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB respectively. It will offer a user-friendly service to its entire users. You can choose your preferred storage options and process the payment for your required space. For example, you can store more than 100,000 photos in a 128GB drive, 50,000 photos on a 64GB drive, and 25,000 photos on a 32GB USB drive. The InfinitiKloud USB stick will offer numerous options to its users for storing images, videos, and even confidential files in a secure way.

Compatibility – InfinitiKloud Device


You can find numerous devices and various operating systems available across today’s world; it is advisable to buy the best backup devices which are compatible and supported by various devices. If you are working on a Windows OS computer and also have an iPhone then you should choose the most compatible USB storage stick that works on both operating systems. Find below the list of devices that are compatible and supported by the InfinitiKloud USB stick:

  • Asus
  • MS
  • Surface
  • Acer
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • HP
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini
  • Notebooks
  • iPhone, iPad, & iPod.
  • Android Mobile Phones

InfinitiKloud USB Stick – Legitimate Storage Option


When compared with the offers, the analysis informed that there are drawbacks (it could become expensive & obsolete), benefits of physical storage, and device cost. Most of the USB drives from Best Buy will reveal the high-rated options:

Western Digital Easystore – $40 (128GB)

SanDisk Cruzer – $20 (128GB)

PNY Attache 4 Elite Turbo – $18 (128GB)

The above-mentioned USB drives are available in double the storage space when compared with the InfinitiKloud USB stick. There is numerous InfinitiKloud Review across the globe with an average rating. The USB devices are available in various options and affordable pricing for the users on why to choose the InfinitiKloud device. However, the other devices will not offer the pre-installed luxury backup software that was provided by the InfinitiKloud device. Moreover, you need to purchase the Windows backup software separately to utilize this feature.

The best backup software’s across the globe are Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 Free version and the Aomei Backup Standard version 4. The Mac OS (operating system) will only have less backup software since it includes the pre-installed backup software named Time Machine. Instead of purchasing the SanDisk or PNY for Windows Users and Paragon or Aomei for free backup software, you are advised to purchase the InfinitiKloud USB stick to utilize for both purposes.

Pricing and Return Policy : InfinitiKloud Stick

With regards to publishing, you can purchase this InfinitiKloud USB drive along with an in-built backup program for $50 (one drive use) and also $130 (for four drives). However, you need to pay $9 for shipping the one USB drive, and seem to be expensive even it is a lightweight or small device. The InfinitiKloud official website will offer an upgraded version for the users to purchase the 64GB storage space drive.

If you prefer to Get a 50% Discount then you need to purchase the InfinitiKloud UBS stick from the manufacturer’s official website. Find below the pricing for each variant of InfinitiKloud devices:

128GB InfinitiKloud USB Stick

1 Device – $69.99 + Shipping Cost – $ 8.95

2 Devices – $139.98 + Shipping Cost – $ 9.95

3 Devices – $157.48 + Shipping Cost – $ 10.95

64GB InfinitiKloud USB Stick

1 Device – $49.99 + Shipping Cost – $ 8.95

2 Devices – $99.98 + Shipping Cost – $ 9.95

3 Devices – $112.48 + Shipping Cost – $ 10.95

32GB InfinitiKloud USB Stick

1 Device – $34.99 + Shipping Cost – $ 8.95

2 Devices – $69.98 + Shipping Cost – $ 9.95

3 Devices – $78.73 + Shipping Cost – $ 10.95

It also provides the USB device to cover with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case if you are not satisfied with the InfinitiKloud device then you can return the product with its original packaging within 30 days to get a free refund.

However, you will not be provided with the shipping charges for returning the USB stick to the company. You need to pay an extra $10 for shipping the product to the manufacturer’s California address to process the refund procedure. You need to contact the company or manufacturer to get the proper return address for a refund. It is also possible to send an email to the manufacturer at [email protected] or contact them over the phone at 855-622-2097.


  • The InfinitiKloud USB device utilizes USB 3.0 technology and 100% secured.
  • Excellent compatibility and much easier to install the program.
  • Available in 3 different storage space options.
  • The backup process and Transfer speed are amazing.
  • Automatic restore feature.


  • Due to the Sliding cover, the InfinitiKloud device could be a little clumsy.

FAQ : InfinitiKloud Reviews

  • Where should I purchase the InfinitiKloud USB Stick device?

It is always advisable to access the manufacturer’s official website to directly purchase the InfinitiKloud device. The website will assist the users on how to easily take a photo backup on the device. Apart from assistance, you can view numerous promotional offers or discounts on this website. The manufacturer will offer different pricing ranges for the user’s profit.

It is advisable to access the website regularly to know the best promotional offers to utilize or purchase the device. The website provides security for buying the original device at the best price. Users can easily place their order and process the payment with numerous possibilities and also safe. You won’t experience any risks while placing the order.

  • What are the reasons to use this USB stick for backups?

The InfinitiKloud USB Stick is one of the best devices available across the online marketplace to backup your music, storing photos, data, files, etc. The most important thing is used to store confidential documents for protection. Any person who owns a computer can utilize this USB stick. Irrespective of age, gender, or any differences anyone can use this device without any hassle. This device can store your important documents, memories, and even protect the files from a crash.

  • What could be the storage space available for InfinitiKloud USB Stick?

InfinitiKloud USB Stick is available across the online platform in three different storage options. They are 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB storage spaces.

  • Is it possible to transfer the images from my iPhone device to the InfinitiKloud device?

Yes, the InfinitiKloud USB device is compatible and supported by the iOS operating system. It is much easier to transfer the images from your iPhone device to the InfinitiKloud device without any hassle.


Conclusion: InfinitiKloud is one of the best storage devices for this current generation. If you properly understand the aspects of this device, you will recommend this product to anyone. When compared with other devices, it provides a smooth and fast experience to back up your confidential and valuable data. It is totally worth purchasing this device and the same by accepted by numerous happy customers. The device pricing might be a little bit expensive and assist to smooth up your work or reduce the burden by utilizing this device.

These products are more popular and demand across the online platform, so you need to take immediate action before it goes out of stock. By using this USB stick, you can stop utilizing other slow backup devices or expensive cloud subscriptions. After using the InfinitiKloud device, you will never opt for an alternative device to use.


  1. InfinitiKloud USB Device has become a lifesaver and game-changer for me. While working on a very important project, I suddenly realized that something had gone wrong out there with my computer.

    I was just at the edge of losing every single file of mine if I hadn’t have backed up my data a few days earlier with InfinitiKloud.

  2. Being gifted to me by my friend on my birthday, I seriously never took Infinitikloud device very seriously. While getting access to my data files is randomly started using this product.

    I was just impressed to see the very first results. It was so smooth and fast and the backup process was also quite quick and easy to handle on.

  3. Backing up my device and storing up all of the data files was getting quite difficult for me.

    I had tried a lot of pen drives or USBs for smoothening up my tasks, but belief me a feeling of dissatisfaction always keep on calling there. I met Infinitikloud online and it has changed my life from the day I got it.

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