Best 3D Printer under 300 Reviews – Buying Guide

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Best 3D Printer under 300 Review: 3D Printing is referred to as host the list of technologies and processes that can offer the entire spectrum of capabilities to the products & parts productions in numerous materials. The common manner for entire technologies & processes will carry out the production through layer by layer process. It is another additive process when compared to the production of traditional methods to involve casting or molding processes or subtractive methods.

3D Printing applications are enhanced recently to showcase the continuous technology with an increase for consumer sectors or industrial makers across the globe. This technological sector with the most reputable commentators will agree that it is just a starting to view the true potential benefits of 3D printing. It is mostly utilized in numerous industries and sectors for enhancing the printing process.

3D Printer under 300 – Buying Guide

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In terms of 3D printing, 3D printers are most popular across the global industries. With the assistance of some awesome gadgets, most of the hardcore makers will utilize the 3D printers and a few resources to download the 3D printable files within the 3D printing software to enjoy the 3D printing access at home.

It is essential to focus while purchasing 3D printers that can offer the right features, functionalities, manufacturer warranty, and many more. Find below the list of important things to consider while purchasing the 3D printers:

  • Apps & Software – The software & app marketplaces will assist the users to gain a smoother 3D printing experience. Even if you are not an engineer or artist, these designing apps or software will make it easier for you to design functional or beautiful items. Some apps will also enable users to create their customized 3D prints directly using their tablet device or mobile phone. The most important consideration is CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. This software will help the users to visualize the 3D designs using a computer and print the same on a 3D printer.
  • Filament Types – 3D printers can utilize various materials for reproducing items. For consumer printers, it is essential to use common materials like Filament. You can multiple ranges of filaments with unique special properties. The common filament is the PLA or Polylactic Acid. It is corn starch, biodegradable, and versatile-based material, and well-suited for consumer-level printing jobs.

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene filament is a heat-resistant and more durable item that can easily withstand the wear & team and even ideal for 3D printing items. PC or Polycarbonate filament is sturdier and utilized for high-impact situations and primary items. For a printing job, it is most important to utilize any one of the above-mentioned filaments to get the job done.

  • Print Resolution – 2D printers will define the resolution using the image clarity and 3D printers will define the resolution using the micron layer thickness. A lower micron printer can capture greater detail with the assistance of thinner layers. The adjustable resolutions are offered by 3D printers to change the quality and print speed depending upon the required detail level for each job. 3D printer resolutions may vary based on the lower micron count from the production of higher-end models.
  • Print Speed – It will take more time to print the 3D (3-Dimensional) objects. The detailed object will take a longer time to print the entire information. The print speed may vary based on the numerous printer brands and printing materials. In case if you prefer to choose the high-precision printing item then it is advisable to choose the faster print speed 3D printer model.
  • Warranty – It is most important to consider the manufacturer’s warranty while purchasing the 3D printer. You can easily identify the main objectives of the manufacturer and also the product’s efficiency. The 3D printer should be capable of meeting your deadlines and the same has to be fulfilled by the manufacturer.

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Best 3D Printers under 300

Find below the list of best 3D printers under 300 available to purchase across the online marketplace:

Monoprice Mini V2Portable 3D Printer under 300

portable 3D Printer Under 300

Monoprice Mini V2 Black Select model is the most popular budget-friendly 3D printer available across the online marketplace. Monoprice is one of the best accessories and electronics-based companies in California. It offers affordable technology for consumers with confident, fair, and simple choices. It various numerous ranges of offers and products over 6,500 items. The 3D printing area will offer multiple functions for 3D printing enthusiasts. It also produces a 3D printing pen and as well as 3D printers. Monoprice Mini V2 Black Select is one of the best affordable printers to purchase.


  • Composites Extruder for entire metal – This Monoprice 3D printer is manufactured to support the entire hot-end metal extruder. It assists to prevent filament jams and even possible to print using any manufacturer’s filament type.
  • Solid Construction – The firm construction and heated bed will never fail with the mid-print unless there is an inappropriate model configuration or slicing software error. This printer will utilize the recommended printing support that you require the most.
  • Color Screen – This little printer will offer the best utilization of an improved 3.7” color touchscreen. It is much easier to control the printing settings and machine to offer capable and more functional when compared to the earlier model. You can control the entire aspects of your print using the Wi-Fi (Wireless) connection or microSD card from any room.
  • Dual Cooling Fans – Monoprice Mini Select 3D printer will include one nozzle of cooling fan that is located on the printer’s extruder. However, the dual cooling fans are included in the new version, one for the mainboard and another for the extruder. The cooling fan will assist in temperature maintenance of the heated bed’s hot-end to offer higher temperature settings during the filament printing.
  • Insulated Print Bed – The new build area includes the heated print bed. It includes the Z-axis movement with improved stability & rigidity and also preinstalled BuildTak mat to offer very clean and impressive prints. You can print using the heat bed with the entire manufacturer’s printing filament types.

Why we Like it

  • Hackable.
  • If works fine with Standard and any Slicer filament.
  • Low-speed prints even with reliable results.
  • Very simple to operate.
  • Sturdy Design.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Mysterious Quirks.

Qidi Technology X-One2Budget 3D Printer under 300

Budget 3D Printer Under 300

Qidi Technology X-One2 3D printer will come with easy-assemble mode and can simply open to start its operation. It includes metals with the 2-layered structure using the spray print technology to provide 3D printing stability with long life & printing. The aluminum allows platform with 6mm CNC machine build is not easier for deformation and flatter to use.

They are used for PLA filament, supports ABS printing, and heating function. It can process simple operating using the 3.5” LCD touchscreen. The 10mm Rod & 10MK Nozzle will provide a high-quality motor and effective switching power supply. You can get attentive service from the after-sales service team.


  • Advanced Extruder – Qidi Technology will utilize the upgraded protective extruder cover to offer better ventilation.
  • 2-Layered Structure – It includes metals with the 2-layered structure using spray print technology to provide 3D printing stability with long life & printing. The internal heat is more resistant to this printer.
  • 3.5” Touchscreen – This printer comes with a 3.5” touchscreen to avoid the screen garbled and sensitivity. This LCD touchscreen will gain a user-friendly experience with a 3D printer interface.
  • Print Slicer – The 3D Slicing software with intelligent model and self-developed segmentation technology will provide stability, much easier to use, and also powerful functions. The printed products are more smooth & delicate.
  • Heating Platform – The printing & heating forms are deformed using the effective, high flatness, and also high-quality aluminum plate. The Heating platform is used to support both printing PLA filament and ABS filament.
  • 3D Printing with High-precision – The 3D printer’s injection mold and the single extruder will offer a smooth surface and one-time stable printing without wire drawing. It can also offer a good ventilation effect.

Why we Like it

  • Compatible with various third-party filaments & slicers.
  • It includes a pause-resume feature.
  • Very much easier to level the Build platform.
  • It comes with acrylic covers.
  • Touchscreen user-interface.
  • Good print quality.
  • Print bed with Aluminum heated.
  • Easier to set up and fully assembled.
  • Outstanding customer service.


  • Some areas are confusing to refer to the documentation.

Monoprice Maker V2 SelectCheap 3D Printer under 300

3D Printers Under 300

The MP Maker V2 Select is one of the best 3D printers under 300 and offers fully assembled and a DIY kit. If you prefer not to utilize the DIY kits, then this affordable product will offer a basic setup within a few hours. The setup could be familiar to the earlier model Duplicator i3 with a similar setup and technical specifications. It is available across online stores and can be purchased from numerous distributors around the world.

It is more attractive and comes below $300 with affordable pricing. This 3D printer will offer easy access to entire upgrades and parts that are currently available for replacement. In case if you are experiencing any issues, the dedicated technical support team can assist to solve your problems.


  • Price – The Monoprice Maker V2 Select 3D printer is one of the best and most popular printers with affordable pricing of below $300 along with numerous features.
  • Simple Connectivity – This printer offer standard & simple things including an SD card reader & a USB port to load the 3D models. The stable connectivity features provided by this model will be effective to fix the problems and prone to bugs.
  • Open Source – The Monoprice 3D printers are supported and compatible with various slicing apps & software with the assistance of standard G-Code & Open-source. It offers more flexibility to its users. Compatible software such as Simplify3D, ReplicatorG, Repetier-Host, Cura, and even other software that generates standard G-Code.
  • Print Now – It is fully assembled 3D printers will 4 secured screws for the base frame and 2 additional screws for filament holder attachment. It is ready to print, a microSD card slot to load the sample 3D models, and sampling PLA filament.
  • Heated Bed – The MP Maker V2 Select model will offer the heated aluminum build plate. It is important for the heated bed to print the exotic materials and slowly cool down the printer. It is also important to print with a build sticking platform to print large or big objects without the assistance of any support materials. The warping of print edges is prevented by this printer.

Why we Like it

  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Open filament system.
  • Compatible with various filaments & slicers.
  • Good print quality.
  • Numerous upgrades and available parts.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Good build size.
  • Semi-assembled & large community.


  • It is tricky to level process the manual bed.

SainSmart Ender-3 Pro Creality3D Printer for Beginners

3D Printer Under 300

SainSmart Ender-3 Pro is another best 3D printer under 300 with the most anticipated features. It is a budget & user-friendly 3D printer that everyone should give a try. This printer offers sporting features and great value when compared with the high-end printers like the ability for ABS printing, V-slot wheels, aluminum frame with full extruded, heated bed, and a Bowden extruder.

This is one of the best and most popular 3D printers that fall under your budget. It is not possible to find any fault with this printer. An efficiently robust printer and also demands higher functionality and features. It is also much easier to upgrade the Ender-3 Pro 3D printer both inexpensively and easily.


  • Resume Print – You can resume the prints even after the electrical power is back on from its last layer to reduce the filament wastage and saving time.
  • Fast Heating – The hotbed with a high-watt density will offer rapid heating and reach the entire temperature within 5 minutes of time.
  • More Stable – Sturdier and More redesigned using the aluminum extrusion of 40 x 40 sizes to get the Y-axis base. The printing process is provided with stability to retain its better print quality.
  • Enriched Accessories – Most of the useful accessories are added to its package. The extra parts will be cost-effective and also save you time.
  • Meanwell Power Supply – The Meanwell power supply is created by mature technology and offers long-lasting 3D printing and requirements of fast heating. It is shielded using the power supply from power outages and voltage spikes.
  • New Version – This is the upgraded version of the earlier model Ender-3 and includes the redesigned aluminum extrusion, new platform sticker, and Meanwell power supply. The outstanding performance with upgraded components will make it easier, durable, and stable to operate.

Why we Like it

  • Autodesk Kick-starter tests with good results.
  • Flexible filaments compatibility is improved using the tight filament.
  • Upgradable and hackable.
  • High-quality prints.
  • Decent print volume with compact design.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Most of the issues from Ender 3 products are not sorted out.

Anycubic UV LCD Photon3D Printer under 300

Best 3D Printers Under 300

DLP 3D printers will utilize the liquid photopolymer resins rather than utilizing the heated nozzle to melt the plastic filament. The UV light transformed through the LCD masking screen can cure the resin to offer the printing details. This process is referred to as DLP (Digital Light Processing). Anycubic UV LCD Photon 3D printer, the best 3D printer under 300 will use the same process. The 3D objects under the DLP printer are constructed layer by layer, printed upside down, and even constructed top-down.

Each layer of the whole image is transformed through the resin’s tank filling on the transparent bottom. The lifting platform will progressively drag the solidified resin before projecting the next layer. The shipment is included in the resin liquid to offer an excellent print quality. The 2K LCD Mask with integrated high-resolution can provide amazingly sharp information.


  • Extreme Detail & Precision – It is not possible to view through the naked eye the layers and not imagine using the traditional FDM 3D printers.
  • Efficient Printing – Unlike FDM 3D printers, this printer will produce high-speed printing based on the used workspace.
  • Photon Workshop or Slicer – The Anycubic UV LCD Photon printer offers the latest version that is designed in-house for slicer software to provide an extraordinary user experience.
  • User-friendly & Smart – The user-friendly & smart interface will assist the users to monitor & as well as preview the real-time print status.
  • High-quality CNC Parts – The CNC-made & metal structure will offer consistent & repeatable performance for the long run.
  • HD LCD Masking – This printer has 47-microns for XY resolution and 10-microns for height to deliver the amazing detail with 3D printed models.

Why we Like it

  • The structured generation with good support for the customized slicer.
  • Adequate instructions provided for cleaning, assembling, etc.
  • Efficient size and compact.
  • With impressive resolution can deliver high-quality prints of 25-microns to 100-microns.
  • Easier to set up and use.
  • Very much affordable when compared with other DLP or SLA 3D printers.


  • Users are advised to be more cautious while using hazardous materials.

Comgrow Ender-3 Pro CrealityBest Budget 3D Printer

Best 3D Printers Under 300

Comgrow Ender-3 Pro Creality 3D printer is one of the high-performance and affordable printers under $300 across the online marketplace. It is a semi-assembled 3D printer and much easier for the user to set up quickly along with fully open-source code. You can even share your ideas within the online community and much easier to change things.

The extruder design is upgraded to assist from clogs prevention and the completed projects can be removed using the magnetic hotbed sticker. Users can utilize the best function named “Resume Printing” to scrap the last project during the unexpected power supply or stoppage. It is much easier to get started and utilize some filament to process.


  • Build Surface Plate with Silicon Carbon – This 3D printer will utilize the build plate of a silicon-carbon base to offer your prints with great adhesion. This innovative build plate will be much easier to remove the printed models and consistent temperature.
  • Enhanced & High-precision Print Quality – This product has the ability to deliver high-quality prints. The print resolution could be higher than 100um and worth your money.
  • MK10 Extruder – The MK10 Extruder is included with this printer to reduce the bad extrusion risks. The extruding system is also attached to the POM wheels to offer a noiseless operation. It is one of the best tools to utilize in shared offices and STEM classrooms.
  • Safe Power Supply – The Meanwell power supply will safeguard the printer from any power outages or surges.
  • Semi-Assembled DIY Kit – Before use, you need to assemble this DIY kit. It is a quite straightforward and easier setup process even for the beginner.
  • Support – Users can utilize professional customer service 24/7, lifetime technical assistance, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Resume Print Function – It is much easier to resume your printing from the extruder position with the last record after restoring the power supply.

Why we Like it

  • Autodesk Kick starter tests with good results.
  • Upgradable and hackable.
  • High-quality prints.
  • Much easier to assemble.
  • Highly affordable.


  • It is required to utilize some additional adhesion.

Comgrow Ender-3 Creality3D Printer under $300

Best 3D Printer Under 300

With numerous printing and tweaking, the Comgrow Ender-3 model is one of the best 3D printers under 300 to purchase. You can experience the best features and most of the issues were rectified. This is one of the affordable and extraordinary 3D printers for your consideration. Users can utilize numerous features and functionalities with the Comgrow Ender-3 model printer. It is much easier to print using flexible materials with a tight filament pathway, power recovery mode, heated build plates like a BuildTak mat, and a measurement of 250mm x 220 mm x 220 mm of build volume.

Most of the expensive 3D printers will not even offer these attributes to use. The Comgrow Ender-3 printer will exceed your expectations with regard to printing performance. It is entirely tested with some exotic, flexible, ABS, PETG, and PLA filaments. It also has some ABS warping issues and some adhesion issues for wood filament and even to print with entire materials successfully. The printer is much easier to assemble along with manual calibration to enhance the convenient process and enlarge the bed leveling knobs.


  • Best one for STEM projects – It is innovative and invites imagination for students to invent the STEM field’s wonders.
  • Best Gift for Kids – This printer offers a semi-assembled kit and one of the best gifts for the kids to learn the entire 3D printer’s construction and working process.
  • High Precision Printing – You can customize your world by printing high-precision models.
  • Upgraded Extruder Design – It helps to reduce the bad extrusion and clogged nozzle risks.
  • Open Source – This is one of the completely open-sourced 3D printers created by the company. There are numerous benefits utilized from the open-source platform. The Ender-3 model comes with an open-source platform for better usage.
  • Power Outage Recovery – It is an essential feature that the Ender-3 models can possess. This printer will resume or recover the printing process from where it was stopped earlier during the power surges or outages. However, most of the expensive printers will not include this feature as well. It will ensure that your prints will never lose during the power outage.
  • Heated Bed – It is most crucial to utilize the heated beds for printing with PLA or ABS filament. The heated bed will assist to maintain the printing accuracy or a proper grip. The company will offer special care to heat the printing beds much faster for printing. The timely adhesion will never mess with the part’s first layer.
  • Affordable Price – Most of the 3D printers will offer an affordable price with a low-quality price and not worth spending money on. However, this budget-friendly printer will offer numerous features when compared with expensive printers. It offers and understands that high-quality features.

Why we Like it

  • 3D print with numerous & available upgrades.
  • Compact design.
  • Much easier to assemble.
  • The flexible filament compatibility to improve with the tight filament path.
  • Open-source.
  • High-quality prints.
  • Decent print volume.
  • Incredibly affordable.


  • At times, it is required to re-level the flimsy bed.

3D Printer under 300 : Conclusion

Conclusion: It is essential to understand your requirements, preferences, and specific use cases before buying the 3D printer. Resin printers are very much expensive than filament printers to offer better high-quality details. However, it is really slow when compared to the filament 3D printers. The other essential considerations are bed leveling mechanism ranking, printing speed, noise level, and print volume.

Most of them will not prefer to get resin printers because of their slower speed, smell, and messiness. Many budget-friendly & quality resin printers will surpass the high-end or mid-range filament 3D printers. It is recommended to utilize the filament 3D printers that come with the self-leveling printing bed. Most of the budget-friendly printers will offer the manual-leveling printing bed.

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